9 players are tied for the most games with 10+ assists, 30+ points and exactly 0 rebounds in a season, with 1 game. The first three are DeMar DeRozan in 2020-21, Nick Van Exel in 2001-02 and Jalen Rose in 2000-01.

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most games with 30 points 10 assist 0 rebounds in a season
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most games by a player with 30 or more points 10 or more assist 0 rebounds in a season
2020-21DeRozan2001-02Van Exel2000-01Rose2000-01Iverson1999-00Hill1996-97Sprewell1995-96Anthony1993-94Webb1990-91Adams111111111
DeMar DeRozanDeMar DeRozan2020-21SASSAS13011037.
Nick Van ExelNick Van Exel2001-02DENDEN13010043.
Jalen RoseJalen Rose2000-01INDIND13512041.
Allen IversonAllen Iverson2000-01PHIPHI13010039.
Grant HillGrant Hill1999-00DETDET13112043.
Latrell SprewellLatrell Sprewell1996-97GSWGSW13310046.
Greg AnthonyGreg Anthony1995-96VANVAN13110039.
Spud WebbSpud Webb1993-94SACSAC13212048.
Michael AdamsMichael Adams1990-91DENDEN13912033.
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