4 players were tied for the most points / minutes played / 36 when playing <10 games, with 72. The first three are Chad Gallagher, Ian Lockhart and Bill Stricker.

highest points per 36 minutes in nba <10 gp
Interpreted as:
highest points per 36 minutes by a player in NBA <10 gp
Chad GallagherChad Gallagher272631.
Ian LockhartIan Lockhart172422.
Bill StrickerBill Stricker172422.
Dave ScholzDave Scholz172211.
Tyson WheelerTyson Wheeler148433.
Coty ClarkeCoty Clarke336662.
Steven HillSteven Hill136222.
Kelly McCartyKelly McCarty236442.
Cedric LewisCedric Lewis336441.
John McCulloughJohn McCullough832.8721232.
Korleone YoungKorleone Young331.213155.
Howard NathanHoward Nathan531.213153.
Vincent HunterVincent Hunter430.86671.
Cozell McQueenCozell McQueen330.86672.
Trevon DuvalTrevon Duval330562.
Ratko VardaRatko Varda130566.
Shamorie PondsShamorie Ponds429.459112.
Robert Woodard IIRobert Woodard II627.5313172.
Marcus WebbMarcus Webb927.5339515.
Ken BoydKen Boyd627.3619254.
Jordan SibertJordan Sibert127344.
Ron RowanRon Rowan72712162.
John GreigJohn Greig926.3119262.
Bob HogsettBob Hogsett726.1816223.
Frank ReddoutFrank Reddout72613182.
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