Garry Witts sank 58.3 percent from the field when his free-throw percentage was 80.0 or above, hitting 40.0 percent of threes or more and playing 40+ games in his rookie season in 1981-82.

players with 56 fg%, 40 3p%, 80 ft% in a season with 40 games played
Interpreted as:
players with 56 or higher fg%, 40 or higher 3p%, 80 or higher ft% in a season with 40 or more games played
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Garry WittsGarry Witts1981-82WASWAS4658.350.082.510.
Mike GlennMike Glenn1983-84ATLATL8156.350.,50368110417146563146
Jonas ValanciunasJonas Valanciunas2017-18TORTOR7756.840.580.622.412.,727980660812969115192+227
John CollinsJohn Collins2019-20ATLATL4158.340.,36388541660316675138-165
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