Robert Covington has scored 9.1 points per game when his free-throw percentage has been or above, hitting 30.0 percent of threes or more, blocking 1.0+ shot per game, getting 1.0+ steal per game, getting 1.0+ rebound per game, recording 1.0+ assists per game and making 1+ three-pointer this season.

players with at least 1 ppg and 1 apg and 1 rpg and 1 spg and 1 bpg and 30 3p% and 70 ft% and 1 3pm
Interpreted as:
players with at least 1 ppg and 1 or higher apg and 1 or higher rpg and 1 or higher spg and 1 or higher bpg and 30 or higher 3p% and 70 or higher ft% and 1 or more 3pm this regular season

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