Cam Newton had 1 game played with 300+ passing yards with a passer rating of 100.0 or above in his rookie season in 2011.

cam newton games of 300 passing yards and 100 qb rating by year
Interpreted as:
Cam Newton games of 300 or more passing yards and 100 or higher qb rating by year
Cam NewtonCam Newton2011CARCAR1422110.4243764.911.4422.025.412.7419
Cam NewtonCam Newton2012CARCAR1306125.0182864.310.9306.027.100.0217
Cam NewtonCam Newton2015CARCAR3986119.87311762.48.4328.71210.310.9543
Cam NewtonCam Newton2016CARCAR2653106.7457758.48.5326.567.811.3310
Cam NewtonCam Newton2017CARCAR2671137.2486277.410.8335.569.711.6533
Cam NewtonCam Newton2018CARCAR2692109.4578269.58.4346.067.322.4543
Cam NewtonCam Newton2020NENE1365102.6264065.09.1365.012.500.0216
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