5 teams are tied for the fewest points in a season, with 0 points. The first three are the Louisville Colonels in 1926, in 1923 and in 1921, the Hammond Pros in 1922 and the Muncie Flyers in 1921 and in 1920.

least points in a season by a nfl team
1926Colonels1923Brecks1922Pros1921Flyers1921Brecks1921Brickley Giants1921Kardex1920Flyers1926Pros1925Triangles1925Kelleys1923Jeffersons1922Crimson Giants1929Triangles1928Cardinals1925Badgers1924Jeffersons1927Bisons1926Tornadoes1928Triangles1934Reds1924Maroons000000003366677778891012

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