Between the 1999 and 2001 seasons, 25 players were tied for getting sacked the fewest, with 0 sacks. The first three are Keith Adams, Hakim Akbar and Dan Alexander.

least sacks allowed by starting qba from 1999 to 2001
Interpreted as:
least sacks allowed by a player by starting qba from 1999 to 2001
Keith AdamsKeith Adams400000.0000
Hakim AkbarHakim Akbar600000.0000
Dan AlexanderDan Alexander700000.0000
Brian AllenBrian Allen300000.0000
Will AllenWill Allen1300000.0000
Bennie AndersonBennie Anderson1600000.0000
Scotty AndersonScotty Anderson900000.0000
Troy AndrewTroy Andrew800000.0000
Adam ArchuletaAdam Archuleta1300000.0000
Reggie AustinReggie Austin900000.0000
Kole AyiKole Ayi700000.0000
Billy BaberBilly Baber100000.0000
Jeff BackusJeff Backus1600000.0000
Rodney BaileyRodney Bailey1600000.0000
Jason BakerJason Baker1600000.0000
Tim BakerTim Baker300000.0000
Alex BannisterAlex Bannister1600000.0000
Kevan BarlowKevan Barlow1500000.0000
Idrees BashirIdrees Bashir1500000.0000
Pat BatteauxPat Batteaux500000.0000
Gary BaxterGary Baxter600000.0000
Monty BeiselMonty Beisel1600000.0000
Jason BellJason Bell1600000.0000
Kendrell BellKendrell Bell1600000.0000
Marcus BellMarcus Bell1300000.0000
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