12 players are tied for the most games with 30+ points in a season, with 1 game. The first three are Alvin Kamara in 2020, Jamaal Charles in 2013 and Clinton Portis in 2003.

most 30 point games in a season
Interpreted as:
most 30 or more point games by a player in a season
Alvin KamaraAlvin Kamara2020NONO1366006000036.0
Jamaal CharlesJamaal Charles2013KCKC1301405000030.0
Clinton PortisClinton Portis2003DENDEN1305005000030.0
Shaun AlexanderShaun Alexander2002SEASEA1304105000030.0
James StewartJames Stewart1997JAXJAX1305005000030.0
Jerry RiceJerry Rice1990SFSF130050500030.0
Kellen WinslowKellen Winslow1981SDSD130050500030.0
Paul HornungPaul Hornung1965GBGB130320500030.0
Gale SayersGale Sayers1965CHICHI136411600036.0
Cookie GilchristCookie Gilchrist1963BUFBUF1305005000030.0
Billy CannonBilly Cannon1961HOUHOU1303205000030.0
Abner HaynesAbner Haynes1961DLTDLT1304105000030.0
Paul HornungPaul Hornung1961GBGB133310416033.0
StatMuse has game-level data for points going back to the 1960 season.

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