7 players were tied for the most games by a quarterback with 7+ passing touchdowns, with 1 game. The first three are Drew Brees, Nick Foles and Peyton Manning.

most 7 touchdown passing games by quarterback nfl career
Interpreted as:
most 7 or more touchdown passing regular-season games by quarterback NFL career
Drew BreesDrew Brees17395078.050510.1505.014.024.000131.7
Nick FolesNick Foles17222878.640614.5406.025.000.011158.3
Peyton ManningPeyton Manning17274264.346211.0462.016.700.0317141.1
Joe KappJoe Kapp17284365.144910.4449.016.312.3129.7
Y.A. TittleY.A. Tittle17273969.250512.9505.017.900.0151.4
George BlandaGeorge Blanda17203262.541813.1418.021.913.1132.8
Adrian BurkAdrian Burk17192770.42328.6232.025.913.7120.7
StatMuse has game-level data for passing touchdowns going back to the 1950 season.

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