Since 2019, Lamar Jackson has the most games by a quarterback with a passer rating of 158.3 or above, with 2 games.

who has the most games with a passer rating of 158.3 by a qb since 2019
Interpreted as:
Who has the most regular-season games with a passer rating of 158.3 or higher by a qb since 2019?
Lamar JacksonLamar Jackson2158.3323786.554714.8273.5821.600.011
Tom BradyTom Brady1158.3222781.534812.9348.0414.800.017
Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers1158.3253180.642913.8429.0516.100.018
Deshaun WatsonDeshaun Watson1158.3283384.842612.9426.0515.200.000
Dak PrescottDak Prescott1158.3253278.140512.7405.0412.500.000
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