Mike Holmgren coached the Packers in 1994.

who was the head coach of the packers in 1994
Matt LeFleur2019-2020Green Bay Packers26-6-01-1-0
Joe Philbin2018Green Bay Packers2-2-0
Mike McCarthy2006-2018Green Bay Packers125-77-210-8-0
Mike Sherman2000-2005Green Bay Packers57-39-02-4-0
Ray Rhodes1999Green Bay Packers8-8-0
Mike Holmgren1992-1998Green Bay Packers75-37-09-5-0
Lindy Infante1988-1991Green Bay Packers24-40-0
Forrest Gregg1984-1987Green Bay Packers25-37-1
Bart Starr1975-1983Green Bay Packers52-76-31-1-0
Dan Devine1971-1974Green Bay Packers25-27-40-1-0
Phil Bengtson1968-1970Green Bay Packers20-21-1
Vince Lombardi1959-1967Green Bay Packers89-29-49-1-0
Ray McLean1958Green Bay Packers1-10-1
Lisle Blackbourn1954-1957Green Bay Packers17-31-0
Ray McLean1953Green Bay Packers0-2-0
Hugh Devore1953Green Bay Packers0-2-0
Gene Ronzani1950-1953Green Bay Packers14-31-1
Curly Lambeau1921-1949Green Bay Packers209-104-213-2-0

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