25 players are tied for the lowest passer rating when playing 100+ games, with a 0.0 rating. The first three are DeSean Jackson, Reggie Bush and Santonio Holmes.

worst passer rating in 100 games played
Interpreted as:
worst passer rating by a player in 100 or more games played
DeSean JacksonDeSean Jackson1600.0010.
Reggie BushReggie Bush1340.0010.
Santonio HolmesSantonio Holmes1120.0010.
Lance MooreLance Moore1290.0010.
Steve WeatherfordSteve Weatherford1430.0010.
Patrick CraytonPatrick Crayton1050.0030.
Anquan BoldinAnquan Boldin2020.01425.0-6-
LaMont JordanLaMont Jordan1140.0020.
Reggie WayneReggie Wayne2110.0010.
Corey DillonCorey Dillon1500.0010.
Priest HolmesPriest Holmes1130.0030.
Keyshawn JohnsonKeyshawn Johnson1670.0050.
Matt TurkMatt Turk2440.0020.
Mitch BergerMitch Berger1870.0030.
Bert EmanuelBert Emanuel1030.0010.
Torrance SmallTorrance Small1330.0040.
Matt StoverMatt Stover2970.0010.
Larry CentersLarry Centers1980.0010.
Anthony JohnsonAnthony Johnson1590.0020.
Tony MartinTony Martin1770.0040.
Ricky ProehlRicky Proehl2440.0030.
Barry SandersBarry Sanders1530.01425.0112.80.100.0125.000
Tommie AgeeTommie Agee1000.0010.
James SaxonJames Saxon1110.0010.
Billy Ray Smith Jr.Billy Ray Smith Jr.1260.0010.
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