Bruce Arians has coached the Buccaneers from 2019 to 2020.

here's the new football coach for the buccaneers
Bruce Arians2019-2020Tampa Bay Buccaneers18-14-0
Dirk Koetter2016-2018Tampa Bay Buccaneers19-29-0
Lovie Smith2014-2015Tampa Bay Buccaneers8-24-0
Greg Schiano2012-2013Tampa Bay Buccaneers11-21-0
Raheem Morris2009-2011Tampa Bay Buccaneers17-31-0
Jon Gruden2002-2008Tampa Bay Buccaneers57-55-03-2-0
Tony Dungy1996-2001Tampa Bay Buccaneers54-42-02-4-0
Sam Wyche1992-1995Tampa Bay Buccaneers23-41-0
Richard Williamson1990-1991Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-15-0
Ray Perkins1987-1990Tampa Bay Buccaneers19-41-0
Leeman Bennett1985-1986Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-28-0
John McKay1976-1984Tampa Bay Buccaneers44-88-11-3-0

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