25 kickers had no extra points in their careers. The first three are Jerry Rice, Brian Mitchell and Walter Payton.

how much is the best of 1 yards here not pa -
Interpreted as:
How much is the best of 1 or more yards here not pa by a player -?
Jerry RiceJerry Rice303023,546000
Brian MitchellBrian Mitchell223023,330000
Walter PaytonWalter Payton190021,803000
Emmitt SmithEmmitt Smith226021,564000
Frank GoreFrank Gore241019,992000
Darren SprolesDarren Sproles183019,696000
Tim BrownTim Brown255019,682000
Marshall FaulkMarshall Faulk176019,190000
Steve Smith Sr.Steve Smith Sr.219019,180000
LaDainian TomlinsonLaDainian Tomlinson170018,456000
Barry SandersBarry Sanders153018,308000
Herschel WalkerHerschel Walker187018,168000
Adrian PetersonAdrian Peterson180017,702000
Marcus AllenMarcus Allen222017,648000
Larry FitzgeraldLarry Fitzgerald263017,560000
Curtis MartinCurtis Martin168017,421000
Tiki BarberTiki Barber154017,359000
Eric MetcalfEric Metcalf179017,230000
Derrick MasonDerrick Mason230017,150000
Thurman ThomasThurman Thomas182016,532000
Tony DorsettTony Dorsett173016,326000
Terrell OwensTerrell Owens219016,276000
Ted GinnTed Ginn193015,742000
Henry EllardHenry Ellard228015,718000
Warrick DunnWarrick Dunn181015,665000
StatMuse has season-level data for extra points going back to the 1921 season.

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