Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are tied for the most games in the playoffs with 2+ passing touchdowns and 300+ passing yards, with 2 games.

most playoff games with 300 passing yards 2 passing touchdowns 0- interceptions 0- sacks
Interpreted as:
most playoff games by a player with 300 or more passing yards 2 or more passing touchdowns 0- passing interceptions 0- passing sacks
Tom BradyTom BradyAFC Divisional2639500639566.36.7319.55.30.00102.9
Peyton ManningPeyton ManningAFC Championship2777700546978.311.3388.510.10.00147.4
Philip RiversPhilip RiversAFC Wild Card1309200274658.76.7309.04.30.0093.5
Patrick MahomesPatrick MahomesAFC Divisional1321500233565.79.2321.014.30.00134.6
Matt RyanMatt RyanNFC Championship1392400273871.110.3392.010.50.00139.4
Tim TebowTim TebowAFC Wild Card1316200102147.615.0316.09.50.00125.6
Daunte CulpepperDaunte CulpepperNFC Divisional1302300173154.89.7302.09.70.00120.6
Warren MoonWarren MoonAFC Wild Card1315200294860.46.6315.04.20.0093.7
Joe TheismannJoe TheismannNFC Divisional1302200182378.313.1302.08.70.00147.7
Dan FoutsDan FoutsAFC Wild Card1333300274264.37.9333.07.10.00112.5
StatMuse has game-level data for times sacked going back to the 1969 playoffs.

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