Tom Brady played 7 games with 300+ passing yards in 2020.

russell wilson, kyler murray, derek carr, philip rivers, matt ryan, tom brady this season, list 300 pass yard games
Interpreted as:
Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, Derek Carr, Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady this season, list 300 or more pass yard games
Tom BradyTom Brady2020TBTB72,56119728469.49.0365.9258.841.4750120.9
Philip RiversPhilip Rivers2020INDIND31,0429412972.98.1347.353.932.321199.7
Matt RyanMatt Ryan2020ATLATL51,81515922072.38.3363.0125.510.51387113.0
Russell WilsonRussell Wilson2020SEASEA51,77514320071.58.9355.0168.063.016104112.8
Derek CarrDerek Carr2020LVLV62,06215823966.18.6343.7135.462.51162100.8
Kyler MurrayKyler Murray2020ARIARI31,1468812172.79.5382.075.832.5220111.1
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