Faye Abbott scored 2 total touchdowns in his career.

who is the 1st all-time for career touchdowns in football
Faye AbbottFaye Abbott57211020180.3
Nate AbramsNate Abrams110010066.0
Doc AlexanderDoc Alexander40400400240.6
Ockie AndersonOckie Anderson18852100482.7
Bob ArgusBob Argus2611000060.2
Frank BaconFrank Bacon38861100481.3
Jim BarronJim Barron410010061.5
Norm BarryNorm Barry1211000060.5
Howard BerryHoward Berry4201122205.0
Scotty BierceScotty Bierce38715100421.1
George BolanGeorge Bolan26220000120.5
Chase BoldtChase Boldt811000060.8
Benny BoyntonBenny Boynton169531522915.7
Willis BrennanWillis Brennan6910010060.1
Pete CalacPete Calac56880000480.9
Bird CarrollBird Carroll34404002260.8
Guy ChamberlinGuy Chamberlin8017386001021.3
Oscar ChristiansonOscar Christianson2010010060.3
Ainer CleveAiner Cleve19202000120.6
Jimmy ConzelmanJimmy Conzelman932613112341691.8
Bunny CorcoranBunny Corcoran1910100060.3
Carl CramerCarl Cramer4912111011761.6
Dinger DoaneDinger Doane6015140100901.5
Paddy DriscollPaddy Driscoll10831254251634023.7
Billy DuMoeBilly DuMoe6201100122.0
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