Who are the kurds from chris tom-?

who are the kurds from chris tom-
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Chris PerryChris Perry14864611,565$6,866,671
Chris KiteChris Kite073$39,315
Chris HolmesChris Holmes04$1,080
Chris CooksonChris Cookson08$982
Chris MoodyChris Moody08$7,950
Chris TuckerChris Tucker831125$111,920
Chris SmithChris Smith833181994$5,015,946
Chris Van Der VeldeChris Van Der Velde010$9,098
Chris DiMarcoChris DiMarco16266331,656$22,656,443
Chris StuttsChris Stutts010$3,420
Chris BorgenChris Borgen06$2,576
Chris CouchChris Couch49081507$4,191,173
Chris RileyChris Riley10603311,108$11,525,200
Chris PattonChris Patton04$4,950
Chris TidlandChris Tidland2194274$1,252,801
Chris AndersonChris Anderson1622174$612,375
Chris StroudChris Stroud7053311,093$12,863,319
Chris WoodChris Wood0326
Chris BarylaChris Baryla0184$92,254
Chris WilsonChris Wilson6565$76,481
Chris KirkChris Kirk408354917$20,646,814
Chris ThompsonChris Thompson190048$81,635
Chris BakerChris Baker3900111$508,927