Dale Burnett scored 27 total touchdowns in his career.

how much touchdowns does on dale beckham junior have
Interpreted as:
How much touchdowns does on dale beckham junior have in his career?
Dale BurnettDale Burnett115275193041661.4
Dale WatersDale Waters2700000000.0
Dale PratherDale Prather600000000.0
Dale HansenDale Hansen14000000000.0
Roland DaleRoland Dale11000000000.0
Dale DodrillDale Dodrill1032002000120.1
Dale AtkesonDale Atkeson266411000361.4
Dale MeinertDale Meinert125100100060.0
Dale MemmelaarDale Memmelaar107000000000.0
Carroll DaleCarroll Dale1895205200003121.7
Dale HackbartDale Hackbart1524004000240.2
Dale EvansDale Evans50000000000.0
Dale MesserDale Messer46000000000.0
Dale LindseyDale Lindsey111100100060.1
Dale LivingstonDale Livingston380000283901233.2
Dale McCullersDale McCullers140000000000.0
Dale FarleyDale Farley13000000000.0
Dale MitchellDale Mitchell17000000000.0
Dale MarkhamDale Markham3000000000.0
Dale CarverDale Carver16000000000.0
Jeffery DaleJeffery Dale42100100060.1
Dale HatcherDale Hatcher99000000000.0
Dale HellestraeDale Hellestrae2050000000000.0
Dale DorningDale Dorning3000000000.0
Dale JonesDale Jones3000000000.0
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