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Darius Garland last 7 games:

22.7 PPG 7.4 APG 3.1 3PG 48/41/83%


The Clippers are 17-5 since the All-Star break.

1st in win percentage
1st in offensive rating
1st in 3P%
2nd in net rating
4th in FG%
5th in defensive rating

The hottest team in the NBA right now.


Paul George this season:

23.8 PPG
6.4 RPG
5.4 APG*
57.4 eFG%*
61.4 TS%*



Karl-Anthony Towns tonight:

26 PTS
18 REB
4 3PT

He’s averaged 27/13/6 and 3 threes per game on 49/41/88% shooting in his last 13 games.


The Hawks are 9-2 with Lemon Pepper Lou.


Kyrie Irving this season:

27.4 PPG
4.7 RPG
6.2 APG
61.7 TS%

If the season ended today, he would be the second player in Nets franchise history to average 27+ points on 60+ TS%. The other player is Kevin Durant.


Most 25-point games by a teenager ever:

13 — Anthony Edwards
12 — Other Timberwolves combined


Nets record since the Harden trade:

— 14-3 with Harden & Irving
— 5-2 with the Big 3
— 4-2 with just Harden
— 3-3 with just Irving
— 2-2 with Durant & Irving
— 2-0 with Harden & Durant
— 1-0 with just Durant

All .500 or better.


The Clippers are the best three-point volume shooting team in NBA history (min 30 attempts per game).

42.1% — 2021 Clippers
41.6% — 2016 Warriors
39.3% — 2021 Bucks

Sunday, April 11th

Most threes per game by a rookie in NBA history:

2.4 — Donovan Mitchell
2.3 — Damian Lillard
2.3 — Luka Doncic
2.3 — Saddiq Bey

At 38.2%, Bey has the highest 3P% ever by a rookie with 6+ attempts per game.

Sunday, April 11th

RJ Barrett last 5 games:

20.8 PPG
61.0 FG%
69.6 3P%
80.0 FT%

He has averaged 20/5 on 49/45/75% shooting since the start of March.

Sunday, April 11th

The Bulls are 3-6 since trading for Nikola Vucevic.

They are 10th in the East, only 1.5 games in front of the Raptors.

Sunday, April 11th

D'Angelo Russell and Karl-Anthony Towns have played in 8 games this season.

The Wolves are 4-4 in those games.

Sunday, April 11th

Jonas Valanciunas tonight:

34 PTS
22 REB
16-25 FG

That’s the most points and rebounds in a game by a Grizzlies player since Zach Randolph in 2012.

Sunday, April 11th

Zion Williamson last 10 games:

31.3 PPG
8.1 RPG
4.3 APG
62.0 FG%

Sunday, April 11th

Bogdan Bogdanovic last 8 games:

21.6 PPG
4.5 RPG
4.4 APG
4.3 3PG

The Hawks have outscored opponents by 70 points when Bogi is on the floor in that span.

Sunday, April 11th

Russell Westbrook is averaging 24/12/12 and 5.4 turnovers in the last 30 days (17 games).

With him ON the court in that span, his team is outscored by 8 points per 100 possession — 3rd worst by a Wizards rotation player.

They are outscored by 2.7 points when he’s OFF the court.

Saturday, April 10th

Enes Kanter has broken the Blazers single-game record for rebounds.

24 PTS
30 REB

That’s also the most rebounds by any player since 2018.

Saturday, April 10th

Players with 30+ rebounds in a game since 2000:

Enes Kanter tonight
Dwight Howard in 2018
Andrew Bynum in 2012
Kevin Love in 2010

Saturday, April 10th

Donovan Mitchell is the first Jazz player with 35+ points in 3 straight games since Karl Malone in 1993.

Saturday, April 10th

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