How many times does john vance quest won the kentucky derby?

how many times does john vance quest won the kentucky derby
John SchroederJohn Schroeder23745259$106,307
John CookJohn Cook22281129982,418$12,685,199
John MahaffeyJohn Mahaffey1502619571,660$3,122,296
John FoughtJohn Fought490710508$278,189
John AdamsJohn Adams155619291,627$2,015,773
John JacksonJohn Jackson04128$13,011
John ListerJohn Lister0372$11,949
John MazzaJohn Mazza10741168$26,624
John CalabriaJohn Calabria0111$515
John McGoughJohn McGough01118$4,153
John TraubJohn Traub0369$4,520
John DeForestJohn DeForest0262$4,292
John McComishJohn McComish21352316$167,414
John SlaughterJohn Slaughter0220$1,050
John StarkJohn Stark014$1,075
John HorneJohn Horne61269$4,961
John HamarikJohn Hamarik59159$6,026
John InmanJohn Inman8592128892$1,087,947
John YanceyJohn Yancey014$890
John RieggerJohn Riegger569113659$2,233,727
John HustonJohn Huston1676724821,842$14,967,148
John SnyderJohn Snyder0148$1,338
John DalyJohn Daly1292529351,608$10,270,683
John JacobsJohn Jacobs017$1,533
John BurckleJohn Burckle0210$3,535
John DowdallJohn Dowdall
John MorseJohn Morse
John JosephJohn Joseph
John RossJohn Ross
John WilsonJohn Wilson
John ElliottJohn Elliott
John FlanneryJohn Flannery
John HawksworthJohn Hawksworth
John GodwinJohn Godwin
John ConnellyJohn Connelly
John MaginnesJohn Maginnes
John SikesJohn Sikes
John ReevesJohn Reeves
John KernohanJohn Kernohan
John JohnsonJohn Johnson
John RollinsJohn Rollins
John RestinoJohn Restino
John SendenJohn Senden
John MorganJohn Morgan
John Engler, Jr.John Engler, Jr.
John MerrickJohn Merrick
John MallingerJohn Mallinger
John HuhJohn Huh
John PetersonJohn Peterson
John ChinJohn Chin
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