How many times does john vance quest won the kentucky derby?

how many times does john vance quest won the kentucky derby
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John SchroederJohn Schroeder23745259$106,307
John CookJohn Cook22281129982,418$12,685,199
John MahaffeyJohn Mahaffey1502619571,660$3,122,296
John FoughtJohn Fought490710508$278,189
John AdamsJohn Adams155619291,627$2,015,773
John JacksonJohn Jackson04128$13,011
John ListerJohn Lister0372$11,949
John MazzaJohn Mazza10741168$26,624
John CalabriaJohn Calabria0111$515
John McGoughJohn McGough01118$4,153
John TraubJohn Traub0369$4,520
John DeForestJohn DeForest0262$4,292
John McComishJohn McComish21352316$167,414
John SlaughterJohn Slaughter0220$1,050
John StarkJohn Stark014$1,075
John HorneJohn Horne61269$4,961
John HamarikJohn Hamarik59159$6,026
John InmanJohn Inman8592128892$1,087,947
John YanceyJohn Yancey014$890
John RieggerJohn Riegger569113659$2,233,727
John HustonJohn Huston1676724821,842$14,967,148
John SnyderJohn Snyder0148$1,338
John DalyJohn Daly1292529351,608$10,270,683
John JacobsJohn Jacobs017$1,533
John BurckleJohn Burckle0210$3,535
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