Answered October 1st, 2017

Andy Dalton had four passing touchdowns against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, his season-high.

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What are the most touchdowns in a game this season by Andy Dalton?
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What are the most passing touchdowns in a regular season game this season by Andy Dalton?
Andy Dalton10/1/2017CIN@ CLE4253083.32869.513.300.0322146
Andy Dalton9/24/2017CIN@ GB2212777.82127.97.400.0321124.1
Andy Dalton9/14/2017CINvs. HOU0203557.12246.40.000.031176.4
Andy Dalton9/10/2017CINvs. BAL0163151.61705.50.0412.952628.4
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