Answered November 17th, 2019

Kyle Allen threw four interceptions against the Falcons, the most by any Panthers quarterback in a home game since Jake Delhomme in 2009.

Who was the last Panthers QB with 4 INT in a home game?
Interpreted as:
Who was the last Panthers QB with 4 or more passing INT in a home game?
Kyle AllenKyle Allen11/17/2019CARCARvs. ATLvs. ATL4315062.03256.500.08.055547.5
Jake DelhommeJake Delhomme9/13/2009CARCARvs. PHIvs. PHI471741.2734.300.023.533914.7
Jake DelhommeJake Delhomme1/10/2009CARCARvs. ARIvs. ARI5173450.02056.012.914.721139.1
Kerry CollinsKerry Collins9/21/1997CARCARvs. KCvs. KC4244751.13287.012.18.555045.3
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