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NFL data coverage

  • Season-by-season coverage for all official statistics dating back to 1932.
  • Game-by-game coverage for passing, rushing, and receiving statistics dating back to 1950.
  • Game-by-game coverage for all other official statistics dating back to 1960.
  • Game results and team standings dating back to 1920.
  • Real-time scores and stats


NFL glossary

  • Assisted Tackles

  • Combined Tackles

    Solo tackles plus assisted tackles.

  • Completion Percentage

    Pass completions divided by pass attempts.

  • Extra Point Percentage

    Extra points made divided by extra points attempted.

  • Extra Points Attempted

  • Extra Points Made

  • Field Goal Percentage

    Field goals made divided by field goals attempted.

  • Field Goals Attempted

  • Field Goals Made

  • First Downs

    Includes first downs rushing, first downs passing, and first downs by penalty.

  • First Downs by Penalty

  • First Downs Passing

  • First Downs Rushing

  • Fourth Down Attempts

  • Fourth Down Conversion Percentage

    Fourth down conversions divided by fourth down attempts.

  • Fourth Down Conversions

  • Fumble Recovery Touchdowns

  • Fumble Recovery Yards

  • Fumbles

    Includes fumbles that were recovered by a player's own team and fumbles that were recovered by the opponent.

  • Fumbles Forced

  • Fumbles Lost

  • Fumbles Recovered

    Includes own team fumbles recovered and opponent fumbles recovered.

  • Games Played

  • Games Started

  • Interception Percentage

    Pass interceptions divided by pass attempts.

  • Interception Return Touchdowns

  • Interception Return Yards

  • Interceptions

  • Kick Return Average

    Kickoff return yards divided by kickoff returns.

  • Kick Return Touchdowns

  • Kick Return Yards

  • Kick Returns

  • Losses

  • Net Passing Yards

    Passing yards minus yards lost on sacks taken.

  • Opponent

    Add "opponent" to most statistics to get the corresponding team-opponent value (e.g., opponent rushing yards).

  • Other Return Touchdowns

    Includes blocked punts retruned for touchdowns, blocked field goals returned for touchdowns, and other miscellaneous return touchdowns.

  • Pass Attempts

  • Pass Completions

  • Pass Interceptions

  • Passer Rating

    A measure of passing performance that takes into account completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdown percentage, and interception percentage.

  • Passes Defended

  • Passing Average

    Passing yards divided by pass attempts.

  • Passing Touchdowns

  • Passing Yards

  • Penalties

  • Penalty Yards

  • Per Game

    Add "per game" to most totals to get the corresponding per-game average (e.g., rushing yards per game).

  • Points

  • Punt Return Average

    Punt return yards divided by punt returns.

  • Punt Return Touchdowns

  • Punt Return Yards

  • Punt Returns

  • Punting Average

    Punting yards divided by punts.

  • Punting Yards

  • Punts

  • Punts Blocked

  • Quarterback Hits

  • Receiving Average

    Receiving yards divided by receptions.

  • Receiving Touchdowns

  • Receiving Yards

  • Receptions

  • Rush Attempts

  • Rushing Average

    Rushing yards divided by rush attempts.

  • Rushing Touchdowns

  • Rushing Yards

  • Sacks

  • Sacks Taken

  • Safeties

  • Solo Tackles

  • Tackles For Loss

  • Targets

  • Third Down Attempts

  • Third Down Conversion Percentage

    Third down conversions divided by third down attempts.

  • Third Down Conversions

  • Ties

  • Time of Possession

  • Total Touchdowns

    Includes rushing touchdowns, receiving touchdowns, and all return touchdowns.

  • Touchdown Percentage

    Passing touchdowns divided by pass attempts.

  • Two-Point Conversions Made

  • Winning percentage

    Wins plus one-half times ties, divided by games played.

  • Wins

  • Yards Lost on Sacks

  • Yards Lost on Sacks Taken