Answered December 2nd, 2019

Deshaun Watson is just the third QB ever with three passing TDs and 1 receiving TD in a regular season game and the first since Jim McMahon in 1985. Nick Foles also accomplished the feat in the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory two seasons ago.

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who was the last qb with 3 passing tds and 1 rec td in a regular season game
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Who was the last qb with 3 or more passing tds and 1 or more rec td in a regular season game?
Deshaun WatsonDeshaun Watson12/1/2019HOUHOUvs. NEvs. NE31182572.02349.412.000.0316140.7
Jim McMahonJim McMahon9/29/1985CHICHIvs. WASvs. WAS31131968.41608.415.815.326111.8
Frank RyanFrank Ryan10/30/1960LALAvs. DETvs. DET3192045.01447.
Results may be incomplete. StatMuse has complete game-level data for receiving touchdowns going back to the 1960 season.

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