Vince Ferragamo and Norm Van Brocklin were tied for the most games for the Rams with 5+ passing touchdowns, with 2 games.

rams player with most games with five or more passing touchdowns
Interpreted as:
rams player with most regular-season games with five or more passing touchdowns
FerragamoVan BrocklinGoffWarnerEverettGabrielWaterfield2211111
Vince FerragamoVince Ferragamo210416167.25979.8298.516.434.9118.0
Norm Van BrocklinNorm Van Brocklin210405869.084714.6423.517.223.4136.9
Jared GoffJared Goff15263378.846514.1465.015.200.019158.3
Kurt WarnerKurt Warner15202387.032314.0323.021.714.319140.2
Jim EverettJim Everett15142458.32369.8236.020.814.214113.9
Roman GabrielRoman Gabriel15153148.432310.4323.016.113.2112.0
Bob WaterfieldBob Waterfield15101855.620411.3204.027.8211.195.6
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