Dennis Rodman had the most games with 45+ minutes played and 5 or fewer points, with 17 games.

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most nba games with 45 or more minutes played and 5 or less points by a player
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most NBA regular-season games with 45 or more minutes played and 5 or less points by a player
Dennis RodmanDennis Rodman177884646.42.720.
Ben WallaceBen Wallace83772647.13.314.
Horace GrantHorace Grant4186946.52.312.
Bo OutlawBo Outlaw31411247.
Lorenzo WilliamsLorenzo Williams31481249.
Darrell WalkerDarrell Walker3139646.
Rafer AlstonRafer Alston299749.
P.J. BrownP.J. Brown293746.53.512.
Bruce BowenBruce Bowen291945.
Antonio DavisAntonio Davis290645.
Anthony MasonAnthony Mason291745.
Derek FisherDerek Fisher291745.
Jason KiddJason Kidd2921046.05.07.513.
Robert HorryRobert Horry292946.04.511.
Popeye JonesPopeye Jones291445.
Chris MillsChris Mills291745.
Dan MajerleDan Majerle294847.
Michael CageMichael Cage291745.53.513.
Greg KiteGreg Kite293946.54.510.
Charles JonesCharles Jones294247.
Mark EatonMark Eaton292646.
T.R. DunnT.R. Dunn291445.
Reggie BullockReggie Bullock146545.
Austin RiversAustin Rivers146546.
Wilson ChandlerWilson Chandler148048.
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